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Artist Files was an experimental, curated grant cycle that selected twenty artists in 2012 to participate in an open, online discourse about their individual projects and the unique traits of socially engaged art.

July 27, 2012

Risë Wilson is founder of the Laundromat Project, a non-profit organization that brings art-making programs to Laundromats in low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City. The Project promotes community engagement through art-making, and creates opportunities for artists to develop projects inspired by the uniqueness of the space. The organization also has a professional development fellowship for artists whose work is socially engaged. She has made a career around creating positions for artists to teach, make work, and expand their professional networks.   Check out Risë‘s profile.

  • Is there difficulty in making artwork outside of the traditional art insitutions (the museum, the gallery)?
  • What are the different types of experiences that happen when artists work outside of these institutions?
  • Can artists make socially-engaged work in a gallery or museum?
  • Why is the context of space so important in socially-engaged art?

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Click here to see the un-edited footage of Risë



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