Issue 3: Artists Challenging Normativity

Photo of A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue #3

Artists Challenging Normativity
Introduction to A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue #3


Deep Space Mind: Designing and Documenting Mental Wellness in Community


Disability Arts: From the Social Model to the Affirmative Model

Sins Invalid performance featuring Nomy Lamm and Cara Page.

Artistry and Activism: Building Movement for Disability Justice

8 Actors Gang Prison Project_Future IDs at Alcatraz_photo Peter Merts_RGBcropped

Envisioning Future Selves: Reclaiming Identity After Incarceration

Map of Downtown Los Angeles depicting the fifty square blocks that make up Skid Row.

Getting Creative About Affordable Housing in Skid Row

A Project Luz lighting workshop at the Queens Museum as part of Sol Aramendi’s partnership with the museum. Image courtesy of Sol Aramendi.

Collaborative Art Through Immigrant Resistance and Solidarity


Ask an Artist: Mary Mattingly Answers Your Questions

A nuclear reactor pool in the now-closed Barsebäck Kraft nuclear power plant in Sweden. Photo by Knut-Erik Helle.

The Art Institution as Nuclear Reactor

Issue 2: Who

Issue 2, "Who." Photo by Karina Muranaga.

Who Makes Socially Engaged Art?
Introduction to A Blade of Grass Magazine Issue #2

Mierle Laderman Ukeles
Touch Sanitation Performance, July 24, 1979–June 26, 1980
Citywide performance with 8,500 Sanitation workers across all fifty-nine New York City Sanitation districts. Sweep 3, Manhattan 3.
Photo by Robin Holland, date unknown
Courtesy the artist and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York

City as Partner: Three Artists on Collaborating with Government Agencies

Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. Equestrian Center, Hartford, CT. Photo by Melanie Crean.

The Art of Golden Repair: Youth, Police, and Horses Upend the Politics of Care

Preview of The Chimurenga Library, which was co-curated by Chimurenga, The Otolith Collective, and The Showroom. The Chimurenga Library inserted itself into The Showroom's existing frameworks, functions, and structures without displacing its everyday activities. Photo by Dan Weill, courtesy of Chimurenga.

Curating as Caring: Tending to Partnerships Between Artists and Communities

A listening room session in the Wayne National Forest led by Brian Harnetty with local Shawnee residents Alicia Caton and her daughter. Photo by William Randall.

Stay, Listen, Organize: Bridging Appalachia’s Past and Present through Sound

Remnants from a Civil War reenactment scene in the play Good Old Boys. Photo by Pat Jarrett.

Toy Soldiers and Parking Lots: Participatory Theater with White Rural Virginians

Quidditch players in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Deborah Fisher.

Evolving the Institution: Who Belongs?

Liz Lerman performing Swan Lake with senior dancers. Photo for Dennis Deloria with permission from Dance Exchange.

Reprint: The Roosevelt, Dancing

On the Impossibility of Freedom in a Country Founded on Slavery and Genocide, performance still (1), pigment print, 22 x 30 in., 2014. A one-time performance by Dread Scott, referencing the 1963 Civil Rights struggle in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ask an Artist:
Dread Scott Answers Your Questions

Issue 1: Where

Practicing Life

Practicing Life: A Blade of Grass’ New Magazine

ABOG Magazine

Location and Socially Engaged Art:
Introduction to Issue # 1

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.18.04 AM

The Poetic Residue: On the Difference Between a Civic Action and an Art Project

Multiple Views

Why Make Gardens with People in Solitary Confinement?

Suzanne Lacy

“Where Are We and What Time Is It?”
On Beginning to Curate Suzanne Lacy

Beyond Groceries

The Future of Creative Placemaking

Group_of_Four_Trees_square copy

Reprint: This Is Art? The Alienation of the Avant Garde from the Audience*

Photo by Bethanie Hines.

Ask an Artist:
Brett Cook Answers Your Questions